Grilled Chicken Spiedies


See how to make chicken spiedies, including the famous “zuzu sauce,” which is the wine- and vinegar-based marinade with loads of minty, garlicky, pepp... See moreery flavor. This marinade also works great for beef, pork, or lamb spiedies. Whatever meat you choose, the marinade demands a full day to marinate completely, so plan accordingly! Now unless you’re living in South-Central New York State, you may not be familiar with this amazing marinated grilled chicken sandwich. Thankfully, Chef John is about to change all that. Check out the recipe for Chef John's Grilled Chicken Spiedies. In this video, you’ll learn why Chef John prefers chicken thighs for his grilled chicken spiedies. And while he’s at it, Chef John will also show you a great trick for cutting your chicken thighs into three uniform-size pieces and dish some tips for cooking your chicken skewers on the grill. See more Chef John videos >>

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