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Southern Peach Cobbler

In this video, you'll see how to turn fresh peaches into a classic, Southern-style peach cobbler. This 5-star recipe is the result of years of devoted cobbler experimentation. Sure, you can use peaches that don’t come from Georgia in this Southern cobbler, but why would you? See how it's done! This may be the perfect summer dessert. Watch the video, then get aeposey’s top-rated recipe for Southern Peach Cobbler.

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  • Sharon Barton

Have not made but looks great - Will definitely try soon -just needed to correct jbright -where are you coming up w/almost 4 cups of sugar? 1/2C Total with peaches 1/2C total in batter and less that 1/4C in topping - That does NOT seem like too much for a cobbler...

  • Jbright

We easily cut the sugar amount in half and it tasted great. The boiling water? I just smash the topping mixer through my fingers until combined then sprinkle it on top of peaches omit the boiling water.

  • Pam

An easier way with less damage to the peaches (and mangoes and avocados and kiwis) is to cut into quarter sections and then with the skin side down on your cutting board slide a sharp knife gently between the skin and the meat. This cuts closer to the skin and you mangle the meat less because you aren't squeezing it just to keep a grip on it.