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Crispy Fried Chicken

Making the best fried chicken is all about technique. And in this video, you’ll see the best method for making fried chicken. The secret to this 5-star fried chicken is its long evolution. Over the years and with much experimentation, Elaine arrived at the perfect fried-chicken recipe by incorporating hints, advice, tips, and tricks she picked up along the way. Check out Elaine's top-rated recipe for Crispy Fried Chicken. It’s a great method for making perfectly crispy, crunchy fried chicken. See more chicken videos >>

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  • Crip...Al

If I am to go to all of this prep, I might as well continue with the KFC CLONE but in saying that one family member would love this recipe. Cheers.

  • Dietcoke131

yum, yum. I'm wondering if I could bake this instead of frying??

  • Wendy Berry Simmons

Sounds awesome! I'll have to try this!