How to Choose Chile Peppers


From Anaheims to habaneros, did you know there are hundreds of kinds of chile peppers, ranging in flavor from mild to extremely hot? In this video, yo... See moreu’ll learn how to choose the perfect chile peppers for your chili, Mexican food, Thai food, and other recipes that call for something spicy. We’ll show you how to pick a proper fresh chile pepper. You’ll see how the size of a chile pepper corresponds to its heat and learn where the hottest parts of the chile are—and also how to remove the hot spots in order to cut back on the heat. You’ll also learn a little about where chiles fall along the Scoville Scale, which rates a chile’s heat. Measured in Scovilles, habaneros are at the hottest end, jalapenos fall in the middle range, and poblano chiles are on the mild side.

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Cindy B

Jan 22, 2013 8:59 AM

my recipe calls for 6 cups chopped roasted green chiles. So how many fresh, raw chiles should i buy? which ones should i buy for medium heat?

Randy Larsen

Sep 19, 2012 4:30 PM

If you want a hot pepper taste with a smooth flavor, throw in about 2 TBSP of whole dried Chilitepin peppers to your chili! More if you're brave, less if not. Chilitepins can be found in most Mexican Food stores or online.

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