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Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes

In this video, you’ll see how to make good old-fashioned pancakes. This super-popular recipe was a long-lost family favorite. It was rediscovered in the weathered recipe book of Dakota Kelly’s grandmother. Today, the recipe has a 5-star rating and 5,000 rave reviews! In the video, you’ll see what your pancakes should look like when they’re ready to flip! Watch the video, then get dakota’s 5-star recipe for Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes. Give these light and fluffy pancakes a try. See more breakfast and brunch videos >>

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  • Kalani Puma G Herth

Do not use butter to coat your griddle everyone knows it will cause black marks on your pancakes use vegetable oil on a very thick napkin and smear it around or however you do it. Again, butter on a griddle with pancakes? It might taste great but will leave black marks!

  • lee907

Excellent pancakes Thanks

  • Tina Ortega

I tried the recipe this morning and to my surprise my picky boys ate them. I read some of the comments and went with mixing the wet ingredients together in a bowl together before I added it to the dry. Also using a bit of vanilla gives it a better taste. I read one person say that it was too much salt and when I tasted the batter I thought the same but when it cooks it's okay. I will probably use a bit less salt next time and a tad more milk.