T's Sweet Potato Fries


In this video, you’ll see how to make French fries a little healthier. These homemade sweet potato fries are seasoned with lemon pepper and Italian seasoning and baked with a little olive oil—no deep-frying here. They’re so delicious, even better than the usual potato fries! And they’re simple to make, too. Watch the video, then get Wannabe Gardener’s 5-star recipe for T’s Sweet Potato Fries. If you like your potato fries extra crispy, you can skip the microwave step and simply bake them a little longer. See more sweet potato videos >>

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Whenever I am "tossing to coat evenly" I find using a large zippie bag works tremendously well. I toss the dry ingredients first and then add the oil.



Love anything sweet potato. Always a hit!




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