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Avocado Salsa

See how to make a cool and refreshing avocado salsa with corn, black olives, red bell peppers, and onions in a vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil vinaigrette. Spice it up with cayenne pepper or sliced jalapeno peppers if you like. In the video, you'll also see a great tip for quickly and easily dicing the avocado in its peel! Watch the video, then get BARBARA’s 5-star recipe for Avocado Salsa. Add it to burritos, tacos, and tostadas, or enjoy simply with tortilla chips. It's also tremendous served alongside grilled chicken breasts. See more Mexican food videos >>

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  • Holly Martin

wonderful, but I needed to cut way down on the garlic- it overpowered the mild taste of the other ingredients. I had some fresh Terragon in my garden sho chopped up some of that and added and made a mango salsa to drizzle over. Yum.

  • claudette collins

I'd like to know how far ahead I can make this salsa.

  • Patches

Thanks for sharing this. It looks wonderful. My only comment would be that unless you are able to find Organic Sweet Corn I would most definitely not add the corn. Sadly, all corn has fallen victim to Monsanto's GMO (genetically modified) operation.