How to Make Turkey Sloppy Joes


In this video, you’ll see how to make a sloppy Joe recipe starring lean ground turkey instead of beef. It’s a lighter, healthier take on the classic c... See moreomfort food. You’ll see Chef John’s simple trick for keeping the ground turkey nice and moist as it cooks. This technique will give the turkey meat the right texture and consistency. You’ll also see how to prepare the slightly sweet, slightly spicy, slightly tart homemade Sloppy Joe sauce. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Turkey Sloppy Joes. It’s just a few common ingredients, plus a couple top-secret additions! Serve your sloppy Tom turkey Joe's on toasted hamburger buns with a side of tater tots. See more Chef John videos >>

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The Chatter


Mar 14, 2013 11:01 PM

I made this recipe tonight and it was a big hit with my family. They loved it and so did I. Best of all it was quick and easy and I had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen. I also loved the simplicity of the video, it made it super easy to follow..thanks so much!!! =)

Healthy Bites

Jan 31, 2013 11:56 PM

This recipe was amazing. The cocoa powder really gives it great depth.


Sep 8, 2012 6:33 PM

I love this recipe because it's fast and requires very little prep work. It tasted way better than I expected. I think the key flavors are cayenne and cocoa powder. The video is easy to follow and I added ingredients to taste, following Chef John's example. Great recipe!

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