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Chef John’s Lasagna

In this video, Chef John reveals the two keys to making the perfect lasagna. When you start with a great meat sauce and cheese filling, you cannot go wrong. For the rich and meaty sauce, Chef John uses both sausage and ground beef. You’ll simmer and simmer the sauce, until the meat is extremely tender. The cheese filing is simple. The trick is to use quality ingredients. Gorgeous, meaty, and delicious, this lasagna is the ultimate one-dish comfort food. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Lasagna. Be sure to let it cool before digging in! See more Chef John videos >>

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  • trina lewis-mondy

AAAAAWWWWW.... sounds good.

  • SGL

Is there a white sauce, Instead of a red sauce I can use with this recipe?

  • Darcie

Can this be made ahead of time and frozen until needed?