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Chef John’s Empty Mayo Jar Dressing

You can never really get all the creamy mayo out of a mayonnaise jar. No matter how much you scrape, there’s always a tantalizing amount still clutching to the crevices, the crannies, the nooks, mocking you with its inaccessibility. Which got Chef John thinking. He likes to use a little bit of mayonnaise to help emulsify and add creaminess to his vinaigrettes anyway. Why not shake up a batch of vinaigrette in an “empty” mayo jar? There’s no waste! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Empty Mayo Jar Dressing. It’s pure genius. See more Chef John videos >>

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  • Tati shipard

I love to see chef John in all his cooking video, thanks for sharing

  • PJD

Any suggestions for the last of the peanut butter?

  • Lisa4902

Great idea and it was funny too. Thanks for the laugh. This would be really good with basil on a tomato salad with mozarella cheese cubed (or the little balls)