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How to Fix Lumpy Gravy

Lumps in the gravy? No problem. In this video, you’ll see a few quick fixes that will save the day. No more lumps! Your smooth, savory gravy will make you a Thanksgiving hero for sure. In the video, you’ll also get smart tips for avoiding lumps and bumps in the gravy next time. See more simple tricks for averting Thanksgiving Day disaster >>

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  • Judy Felts Scott

putting in a blender, great idea if just whisking doesn't do it

  • woodeka

Wondra is my secret!

  • Scherryl °F

A Great Memory!! My grandmother could not make smooth gravy to save her life,(she admitted it)so she just made "lumpy dick" after my uncle Richard. It was lumpy gravy with a funny name. My father grew up eating it so when he married my mother (who made very smooth & creamy gravy) He would get mad at mom for not knowing how to make gravy "right." Now every time I see gravy anywhere I think of My Mom, Dad & my Grandma. LOL .. :)