Ultimate Mashed Potatoes


In this video, you’ll discover Chef John’s secret to truly amazing Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes. Truth be told, it’s not actually all that much of... See more a secret. OK, it’s butter. Lots and lots of butter. Loads of it. But that’s fine for this one meal on this, the single most special meal of the year. So go for it! After Thanksgiving dinner, you can completely swear off butter for the next few weeks (until Christmas when all bets are off again). The key here is to use the good butter—and to bring your butter to room temperature. And if you just can’t bring yourself to use as much butter as Chef John recommends; watch the video for the technique, and use however much butter you feel comfortable with. Whip 'em up, and garnish with chopped chives (if you must). See more Chef John videos >>

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