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Macaron (French Macaroon)

In this video, we'll show you how to make perfect French macaroons. These airy, crispy cookies are easy to make with these tips. See what soft peaks look like, and how to pipe out the cookies so they bake up perfectly round. They're like a little wafer of heaven! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Elle's Macaron (French Macaroon). Master this cookie, then try another. See more cookie videos >>

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  • Neesha

what if i don't have a silicone mat? what else could be used

  • Celeste

Hi Stephanie I think your problem stemmed from the amount of egg whites you used. The recipe calls for 100grams of egg whites (or 3 egg whites). Don't give up! Try it again, you'll get it!!! Happy baking!

  • Stephanie

I followed the recipe exactly like it says on the video and my egg whites/sugar/confectioner mixture ended up way to thick, i couldn't even squeeze it through a pastry bag! i followed the metric recipe, because it is supposed to be more precised. i ended up cutting the bag and scooping the mixture out to make little balls like when i bake cookies. i baked them for 10mns like the recipe says, keeping an eye on them every 3 minutes or so, they stayed shaped as balls. i am thinking i need to use 3 egg whites. the recipe says 50g of egg whites or about 3 eggs, 50g ended up being less than 2 eggs so that is what i used.