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Chocolate Lava Cake

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious chocolate lava cakes served in individual ramekins. They're also called baked chocolate pudding because the cake is firm on the outside and molten chocolate on the inside. You’ll learn how to make the cake batter and see a terrific trick for filling the ramekins with the mix. After chilling, you’ll bake the ramekins in a water bath. These cakes come out of the oven ultra-moist with creamy, pudding-like centers. Get the recipe for Chocolate Lava Cake. Decadent and delicious, these are the ideal dessert for Valentine’s Day. See more Chef John videos >>

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  • M_K

wow this is amazing .... m sure to try this ... loved it :)

  • Virginia

Love chef Johns videos. This didn't work out for me. Nice crust on top and the rest was totally liquid. Couldn't put it back in the oven after 15 minutes standing.

  • Sherminator

Wow turned out as expected. followed the directions to a t... and my family was impressed. so was I lol. wouldn't change a thing. The timing when you let them cool is the key, baked for 16 minutes, cool 15 min, exactly, any more rest and the lava will not flow like it should. Thank you chef John ...another great recipe