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How to Make Classic Hash Browns

In this video, you’ll see a simple technique for making classic, diner-style hash browns. Discover the best potatoes to use and see the three keys to getting crispy, crusty, perfectly browned hash browns. Get Chef John's classic hash browns.

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  • Paul Sauls

Absolutely perfect! We tried making hash browns today but didn't know to do the starch rinse process. THAT makes the difference!! We got a mushy mess instead of golden crunchy goodness... We'll get it right NEXT TIME though, thanks for this video!

  • Tom Riley

Made these today except I added onions and garlic powder without a doubt these are the best Hash Browns I've ever eaten.....Thanks Chef John!!!

  • MontyHall

Made this today and it was delicious! The texture was crazy good. I'd never been able to get the potatoes crusty and light like this before. Thanks, Chef John for the key tips on rinsing off the starch and drying the potatoes before frying.