How to Make Pickled Peppers


In this video, you’ll see how to pickle Padron peppers in flavored vinegar. You’ll watch Chef John prepare his peppers on a hot skillet, just long eno... See moreugh to blister the skin and wake up the oils and flavors. (Chef John will also share with you the importance of proper kitchen ventilation when pan-frying chile peppers on a skillet.) Next, you’ll see how to make a simple vinegar-based brine. These peppers are amazing—and you can also use the slightly sweet and spicy pickling vinegar on everything from rice and salad dressings to marinades and much more. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Pickled Peppers. And if you can’t find Padron peppers, any small fresh peppers will do, especially jalapeños or red Fresno chilies. See more Chef John videos >>

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