Brown Butter Pan-Fried White Fish


In this video, you’ll see how to make delicate white fish fried in brown butter. Watch Chef John ice fish from a top-secret location on the Finger Lak... See morees in New York. You’ll see a great technique for quickly filleting fish with an electric knife. With fish so fresh, you don’t need (or want) to do too much to it. The fillets are simply dredged in seasoned flour and quickly fried in brown butter. It’s so fast and easy! The fish is sweet and succulent, and the brown butter gives a toasty flavor and aroma. Fresh fish does not get any fresher than this! All it needs is a squirt of fresh lemon. Make this with any delicate white fish. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Brown Butter Pan-Fried Perch.

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The Chatter


Jan 7, 2014 8:37 AM

I agree! I like to eat fish as well but, filleting the fish while it is still alive is very offensive and because of this I am not interested in your recipe..and I believe this certain recipe posted video should be removed from this site!


Jun 27, 2013 2:37 PM

i normally enjoy your recipes but watching a fish being filet while it was still alive was needlessly cruel and disgusting. This was not entertaining in the least. We live on a lake and fish but...this was totally offensive.


Nov 30, 2012 6:26 PM

Why can't the fish be killed quickly first before fileting the fish? Other than that, the fish looked good.

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