Simple Seared Salmon


See how to make a quick-and-easy, pan-seared salmon on the grill. The problem with cooking salmon on a very high heat indoors is that it makes a big s... See moreplattery mess and the house smells like salmon for a week. The solution? Chef John takes it outside to the barbeque. The key is to set a cast iron skillet directly on top of the white-hot coals! You’ll want the skillet smokin’ hot for this preparation. It's a terrific technique that accomplishes two great things: one, it brands a perfect high-heat sear onto your salmon, and, two, it does it pretty much odor-free. The salmon comes out of the skillet with a very thin, crispy crust and a moist, beautifully textured inside. And it could not be easier. See more Chef John videos >>

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